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Exhibition of children’s works “Beauty in simple things” was held

An exhibition of children’s works “Beauty in simple things” was held in the fortress gallery “Bastion”, on the 22nd of February. It was not just a simple exhibition, but a real beauty which was presented by children’s vision in simple things!

The exhibition of children’s works of the “Winged Dreams” studio is the beginning of creative discoveries of art, because every small work painted by a child carries warmth, tenderness and sincere emotions.

The basis of the picture is the child’s view, because each color in the creation shows the internal state of the child. They clearly express their emotions, mood and feelings in the paintings.  Their own style and vision of the work are appeared. Any professional artist will not be able to repeat the masterpiece created by children’s hands, because emotions, which transmit the picture, are inherent only to children!

Students of the studio work with gouache paints. This material allows them to master the technique of overlappings, to select the right color, to pick up their unique smear.

We teach the child, who comes to the studio to help, explain and understand, to create and improve the masterpieces with his own vision. Their paintings are little works of art, agree. Let’s support children’s ideas together and show them the right path to this wide and extremely interesting world of art.

The exhibition is devoted to the parents and students of the studio!