About the art studio “Winged Dreams”

Art studio “Winged Dreams” is a drawing studio for children and adults in Ivano-Frankivsk.

There are always drawing lessons for children, which give the opportunity to learn different types of fine art, that is the main factor not only for a further successful start in artistic career, but it will also give the necessary foundation for a many-sided creative development. Lessons always go on in combination with children’s` modern educative methods and informal artistic tasks.

We have various painting or design courses and trainings for teens and adults, where we study all necessary tools and computer programs, which are needed for modern artists. We always try to involve interesting, extraordinary artists and successful people for various creative workshops and master classes in Ivano-Frankivsk.

You can fantasize, create, experiment and simply free your imagination in our studio. It allows you to develop, and often to open up creative and abstract thinking. We invite you to plunge into art and discover something new and unexpected your children and for yourself, what will make you happy!

Our main credo is “There isn`t any moment without creativity!